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Butternut Quiche
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Delicious Butternut Quiche

Do you want to try my new Butternut quiche recipe? Here is the newest version of one of my favourite dish, the butternut quiche! I’ve already published my recipe of the Quiche Lorraine flavoured with rosemary (with spinach or mushrooms) but today I want to share a more unusual version of the quiche, perfect for […]

Super Easy Spanish Lentil Stew with Chorizo
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Super Easy Spanish Lentil Stew with Chorizo

This Lentil Stew Recipe is one of my favourites because it is a perfect winter comfort food, easy to prepare, tasty and healthy(ish). Lentils are a top ingredient for winter recipes, low in calories and high in nutrition, and it would be a guaranteed success with everybody thanks to its original twist of spices that […]

Carrots and Coconut Milk Curry soup
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Easy Curry and Coconut Milk Carrot soup

If I had to choose between winter dishes or summer dishes, my preference would always be winter dishes. The onset of the cold weather brings a great variety of convivial winter recipes including all kind of comfort food such as soups, stews, gratins, roasted vegetables etc. Take the soup for example: from simple basics like […]

Moroccan meatball tagine with lemon, or Kefta tagine
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Moroccan meatball tagine with lemon, or Kefta tagine

The tagine is one of the most popular dishes of Moroccan cuisine. Easy to prepare with a mix of sweet and sour flavours, you can prepare it in many different ways either with meat, fish, vegetables, fresh fruits, dry fruits, nuts… This lemon meatball tagine, or kefta tagine, is one of the classics that I make on a […]

Easy candied potato salad
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Easy confit potato salad

This easy confit potato salad is fantastic, perfect for a “light” dinner. You won’t be able to get enough! If you follow the blog, you might have noticed the recipe of Duck confit with “sarladaise” potatoes, those delicious confit potatoes with the fat of the duck typical of the South west of France. Usually there […]

Coconut milk pot roast chicken
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Coconut milk roast chicken pot

One-pot easy recipe! Light and atypical, this  coconut milk roast chicken pot recipe will definitely seduce those in search of a new food experience thanks to the Asian ingredients. With its coconut milk, fresh coriander, lemongrass and lime sauce, this easy roast chicken recipe is a pure delight of sweet and lemony flavours. How to make […]

Easy vegan tofu and coconut curry
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Easy vegan tofu and vegetable curry

I am thrilled to introduce my first vegan recipe, a vegan tofu and vegetable curry!! I first tried this recipe last year, just after coming back from a summer holiday in Mexico. My darling and I happily enjoyed tacos and other delicious Mexican dishes such as the carnitas over a few weeks. A decision was […]

Mushroom and smoked salmon risotto with saffron
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Mushroom risotto with smoked salmon

Italian cuisine is famous worldwide for its traditional dishes, such as spaghetti bolognese or spaghetti carbonara, risottos, milanesa, tiramisu, pizzas, handmade raviolis, gnoccis … The list is very long. It is such a wonderful cuisine, with variety, healthy and colourful. To sum up, I love it! Italian cheeses are also incredibly delicious, like the gorgonzola, […]

Homemade creamy guacamole
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Homemade creamy guacamole

Give a little twist to the traditional Mexican recipe with this homemade creamy guacamole recipe, by adding a little bit of hot tabasco … and cream cheese. Yes, you’ve heard me! The cream cheese gives a creamy texture along with a nice flavour to your home made guacamole and makes it totally addictive, believe me! […]