Easy candied potato salad

Easy confit potato salad

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This easy confit potato salad is fantastic, perfect for a “light” dinner. You won’t be able to get enough!

If you follow the blog, you might have noticed the recipe of Duck confit with “sarladaise” potatoes, those delicious confit potatoes with the fat of the duck typical of the South west of France. Usually there is a lot of duck fat remaining from the pot, which can be kept in the fridge because it is a natural preservative. The problem is that there is no more duck legs to go with the confit potatoes, so I usually throw it away after a few months! Until last week, when I finally decided to prepare the confit potatoes along with a simple salad, and it was just a perfect match! So try this recipe of easy confit potato salad, you will love it!

This salad is inspired by a dish from a restaurant I really love in Paris, Le plomb du Cantal. They serve a typical cuisine from the Auvergne, the heart of France, including the “truffade“, a dish made of potatoes slowly cooked in goose fat and mixed with a typical Auvergne cheese, the Tomme, along with either a meat, if you have a great appetite, or a salad.

You can buy the duck fat separately if you want to make this potato salad, here for example. If you don’t have any duck fat, you can also use olive oil. Pour a generous amount of olive oil in the pan and fry the potatoes very slowly in the pan, stirring regularly, until they are brown and tender.

Confit potatoes new recipe

I have updated the recipe of the confit potatoes regarding the last post:

  • I make crispy potatoes by cutting them very thinly.
  • I incorporate the garlic cloves and fresh rosemary leaves at the beginning of the recipe so that the fragrances spread during the cooking.

How to make a simple summer salad

Here is my technique to make a great salad. First of all, I use fresh veggies that I clean and chop at the moment (I am not a big fan of the plastic bag salad…). The basic ingredients for the perfect salad are:

  • veggies with a soft taste such as green salad, tomatoes, cucumber… for the base.
  • veggies with a stronger taste to give a little kick to the salad: a green or red pepper, celery, radish, carrots…
  • cheese: it can be a soft cheese or a stronger one according to your taste. I personally love parmesan, feta, goat cheese in the salads…
  • soft-boiled eggs because it is so good …

After that, you can add other ingredients such as potatoes, herbs, sesame seeds, ham, bacon etc. to make it more special, it’s up to you 🙂

And for the dressing you can use the honey and mustard vinaigrette, or the parmesan dressing of my Potatoes Caesar Salad.

IMPORTANT NOTE: for this potato salad, do not mix the potatoes or the dressing with the salad before serving otherwise you won’t be able to keep the leftover salad.

Bon appétit!!


Easy candied potato salad
Easy candied potato salad


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