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Spanish chorizo and chickpea stew
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Spanish chorizo and chickpea stew

My most recent summer holidays was in Asturias, a region of North Western Spain famous for its beautiful landscape and great food, and on several occasions we enjoyed one of the traditional dishes over there, the Asturian poté. This Asturian stew is made with typical regional ingredients such as the the collard greens, a cabbage called “Berza”a […]

Baked chicken thighs with chorizo and orange
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Baked chicken legs with chorizo and orange

Now that the hot weather is almost back, grilled recipes are ideal for a lunch or a dinner: they are tasty, fast and easy-to-cook, and becomes a classic meal for the summer, that you can vary with ad infinitum. I am starting the “Grilled” section today with a recipe originating from the south of Spain: […]

Valérie's spaghetti Carbonara
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Valérie’s spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti carbonara… maybe the most widely appreciated dish in the world… The original recipe is made from few ingredients, but they must be chosen with attention and good quality. Many variations of the spaghetti Carbonara exist, for example with cream, ham, etc. but they it can never be as good as the original one. “Italian […]

Oven roasted Mediterranean vegetables
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Oven roasted Mediterranean vegetables

A nice and easy way to cook a side dish with vegetables with a grilled meat or a Spanish omelette. This vegetable recipe is also perfect if you want a quick dinner, it requires just a few minutes to cut and season the vegetables, then you cook them very slowly in the oven for 45 […]

Spanish vegetable stew
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Spanish vegetable stew

This Spanish vegetable stew is a Spanish recipe that looks a little bit like a  French ratatouille, a sautéed vegetable dish typical from the Mediterranean area, South of France. In this recipe you need to use Ñora pepper, a kind of dry pepper that is found easily in Spain. It´s used widely in Valencia and Murcia, where I saw […]