Valérie's spaghetti Carbonara

Valérie’s spaghetti Carbonara

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Spaghetti carbonara… maybe the most widely appreciated dish in the world…

The original recipe is made from few ingredients, but they must be chosen with attention and good quality.

Many variations of the spaghetti Carbonara exist, for example with cream, ham, etc. but they it can never be as good as the original one. “Italian recipes are good because they do not change” as an Italian friend of mine said when he ate my pasta carbonara for the first time. In fact I have to admit that I do it a bit differently than the original one …

So the recipe I propose below is my personal version in which I try to keep the original essence of the carbonara, adding to it my personal touch. I received lots of compliments for it, including my Italian friend even if he commented that “It’s not a Carbonara, it’s a pasta Valerie”.


What I do differently:

  • I add many spices, including mustard and a lot of nutmeg. The nutmeg gives a special taste to any mixture with cream.
  • I use a little bit of cream when I mix the seasoning with the parmesan, to make the salsa softer.
  •  I include vegetables in the pasta, always. Usually spinach or mushrooms, and in that case it could be called a boscaiola sauce, another Italian sauce made with wild mushrooms (thanks Francesca for the help).



  • Use smoked bacon fresh cut from the butcher. It is not more expensive than the one in the supermarket at all (really!) and it has more flavour and texture.
  • Grate the Parmesan just before you incorporate it to the salsa, it is definitely tastier.
  • In general the pasta used for carbonara are spaghettis or tagliatelles. Personally I prefer pasta like fusilli or penne, because they are easier to mix with the sauce.

Bon appétit!




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