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Butternut Quiche
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Delicious Butternut Quiche

Do you want to try my new Butternut quiche recipe? Here is the newest version of one of my favourite dish, the butternut quiche! I’ve already published my recipe of the Quiche Lorraine flavoured with rosemary (with spinach or mushrooms) but today I want to share a more unusual version of the quiche, perfect for […]

Ham and cheddar cake French recipe
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Ham and cheddar cake

The ham and cheddar cake is a variant of the classic ham and cheese cake, enhanced with comté cheese, and a little bit of mustard and beer. It looks  like a surprising mix of ingredients at first sight, but the cake tastes sweet and strong at the same time, and the texture is spongy and […]

Caprese tart with tomatoes, pesto and mozzarella
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Caprese tart with pesto and mozzarella

This very simple caprese tart is perfect for a successful, quick and easy-to-make meal. It takes only five minutes to prepare if you use a pesto sauce from a pot, and the tart is very good like that. If you have 10 more minutes, it worth making a home-made pesto sauce: the flavours of basil, […]