Shakshuka, Middle Eastern ratatouille with eggs
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Middle Eastern ratatouille with eggs, Shakshuka

The shakshuka, a Middle Eastern ratatouille with eggs, is a simple and quick recipe to prepare. The shakshuka original recipe is made with red peppers and tomatoes, and I like to add some courgettes. For seasoning, I use Ras el hanout, a mix of spices from Morocco, paprika and cinnamon, but you can also use cumin, […]

Simple chicken and red pepper pasta
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Easy chicken and red pepper pasta

It feels like Summer is coming back again this week, so it is time to  prepare my easy chicken and red pepper pasta recipe. The nice thing about this dish is that all the ingredients, red pepper, chicken and cream, slowly cook together in a pan for about 20 minutes so the red pepper spread over them has a subtle flavour and pink […]

Valérie's spaghetti Carbonara
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Valérie’s spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti carbonara… maybe the most widely appreciated dish in the world… The original recipe is made from few ingredients, but they must be chosen with attention and good quality. Many variations of the spaghetti Carbonara exist, for example with cream, ham, etc. but they it can never be as good as the original one. “Italian […]