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Coconut milk pot roast chicken
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Coconut milk roast chicken pot

One-pot easy recipe! Light and atypical, this  coconut milk roast chicken pot recipe will definitely seduce those in search of a new food experience thanks to the Asian ingredients. With its coconut milk, fresh coriander, lemongrass and lime sauce, this easy roast chicken recipe is a pure delight of sweet and lemony flavours. How to make […]

Simple chicken and red pepper pasta
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Easy chicken and red pepper pasta

It feels like Summer is coming back again this week, so it is time to  prepare my easy chicken and red pepper pasta recipe. The nice thing about this dish is that all the ingredients, red pepper, chicken and cream, slowly cook together in a pan for about 20 minutes so the red pepper spread over them has a subtle flavour and pink […]

Ham and cheddar cake French recipe
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Ham and cheddar cake

The ham and cheddar cake is a variant of the classic ham and cheese cake, enhanced with comté cheese, and a little bit of mustard and beer. It looks  like a surprising mix of ingredients at first sight, but the cake tastes sweet and strong at the same time, and the texture is spongy and […]

Roast chicken with Mediterranean vegetables
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Roast chicken with Mediterranean vegetables

Roast chicken is the typical family meal which is made when the whole family or good friends are gathered together. Served with vegetables cooked in the sauce or boiled, I like giving a little bit of a twist by adding some lemon, aromatic herbs such as thyme or sage, and a little ginger and couscous […]

honey and mustard vinaigrette
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Honey and mustard vinaigrette

Salad dressing is a big deal in France because good vinaigrette can really make the difference for a damn good salad. What is the secret to making great vinaigrette? Apart from a good olive oil and balsamic vinegar, the most important thing is to add ingredients that provide a strong and sweet touch at the […]

Baked chicken thighs with chorizo and orange
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Baked chicken legs with chorizo and orange

Now that the hot weather is almost back, grilled recipes are ideal for a lunch or a dinner: they are tasty, fast and easy-to-cook, and becomes a classic meal for the summer, that you can vary with ad infinitum. I am starting the “Grilled” section today with a recipe originating from the south of Spain: […]