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Coconut milk pot roast chicken
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Coconut milk roast chicken pot

One-pot easy recipe! Light and atypical, this  coconut milk roast chicken pot recipe will definitely seduce those in search of a new food experience thanks to the Asian ingredients. With its coconut milk, fresh coriander, lemongrass and lime sauce, this easy roast chicken recipe is a pure delight of sweet and lemony flavours. How to make […]

Easy vegan tofu and coconut curry
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Easy vegan tofu and vegetable curry

I am thrilled to introduce my first vegan recipe, a vegan tofu and vegetable curry!! I first tried this recipe last year, just after coming back from a summer holiday in Mexico. My darling and I happily enjoyed tacos and other delicious Mexican dishes such as the carnitas over a few weeks. A decision was […]

Baked Hasselback potatoes with raclette cheese
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Raclette Hasselback potatoes

What are Hasselback potatoes? The name sounds complicated but it is just the name of the hotel where those baked potatoes were invented. It is a simple recipe for an elegant and original side dish that allows infinite modification. Those stuffed potatoes could easily become a classic of your kitchen! To prepare the potatoes, cut them […]

Spanish vegetable stew
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Spanish vegetable stew

This Spanish vegetable stew is a Spanish recipe that looks a little bit like a  French ratatouille, a sautéed vegetable dish typical from the Mediterranean area, South of France. In this recipe you need to use Ñora pepper, a kind of dry pepper that is found easily in Spain. It´s used widely in Valencia and Murcia, where I saw […]