Creamy cheese hot dog

Creamy cheese hot-dog

Sometimes you feel like eating a big meal without spending much time in the kitchen, so it is the perfect moment to enjoy a homemade fast-food. such as a hot-dog. The hot dog is one of my favourite dishes, especially if the Frankfurt Würstchen sausages are of good quality and the bread crunchy, baguette type.

To give more flavour to the sandwich, I like to use strong cheeses, like comté or old cheddar, grated, that I season it with mustard and nutmeg, and then I add a little bit of cream so that it turns into a nice cheesy cream during the cooking.

Actually it is a kind of French hot-dog.


I like it because:

– The hot cheese cream mixes with the bread and melt into your mouth.
– It is ideal for a fun and fast dinner.
– It’s quick and easy to do.



– Choose a slightly thick loaf bread so that you can easily introduce the ingredients inside.
– I like to mix two different types of cheese; it gives a personal and unique touch to the hot dog. My favourites are the comté and cheddar mixed together, but you can also make it with other types of cheese: emmental, mozzarella, raclette, roblochon …



– 1 cube vegetable broth
– 4 frankfurter sausages
– 1 baguette, cut-up in 2 halves to make 2 sandwiches
– 100g mix grated cheese: comté, cheddar, emmental …
– 1 dash of cream (3 cl)
– 1 tablespoon old mustard
–  Salt, pepper, nutmeg, grated coriander seeds …
– Aluminium paper to wrap the sandwiches


French hot-dog recipe

 – Preheat the oven at 220 degrees.
– Pour the sausages and the broth cube in a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes.
– In the meantime grate the cheese in a bowl and mix it with the cream, the mustard and seasonings, with a fork, until you obtain a thick mixture.
– Cut the 2 pieces of bread lengthwise with a bread knife, on one side only, and split half of the cheese mixture into the bread pieces. Keep the rest of the mixture for after.
– When the sausages are cooked, drain them and cut them up into 2 pieces so that they are easier to introduce into the bread. Distribute the bits between the 2 sandwiches, and spread the rest of the cheese over.

Creamy cheese hot dog
Creamy cheese hot dog

– Wrap each sandwich separately in aluminum paper and toast them under the grill of the oven during 15 minutes. After cooking, let them cool down 5 minutes before you pen the paper, not to burn yourself.
Eat the hot dogs when they are very hot and the cheese is melted, eventually with some salad.


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