Chocolate and salted butter pie

Chocolate and salted caramel pie

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Chocolate and salted butter pie
Chocolate and salted butter pie

Try a new version of the traditional chocolate pie

Chocolate and salted caramel is a dreamy combination. Make it into a pie and we’re in paradise!

For this chocolate and salted pie recipe I basically mixed several chocolate pie recipes that I found on the web and created the perfect one. What I really like with this pie is the acidity of the cocoa pastry and salted butter that balances with the sweetness of the chocolate and caramel cream.

What’s the secret of a great pie?

The homemade pastry: it’s definitely a must if you want to make your pies fantastic! That why I always make the pastry.

  • A homemade pastry is so easy to prepare!
  • A homemade pastry tastes better! There is no debate about it, it tastes like a buttery biscuit and is more crusty .
  • A homemade pastry can be customised, which is great: I usually add a little bit of cumin in the quiche pastry or vanilla for a sweet pie, it gives a nice extra taste. For this recipe, I add cocoa powder and sugar, which perfectly matches the chocolate and salted caramel cream.
  • A homemade pastry will hold together better when you serve the slices.

The pastry for my chocolate and salted butter pie is inspired by a French blog that I really like, Aufilduthym. The chocolate and salted butter cream is inspired by a recipe on

Check my other favourite pie recipe on the blog: My Granma’s Lemon Pie.

Scared of preparing homemade caramel?

Nothing easier, it takes 5 minutes. Check this 1 minute video for the process:

Let’s do the chocolate and salted caramel pie

A few more pictures:

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