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Easy vegan tofu and coconut curry
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Easy vegan tofu and vegetable curry

I am thrilled to introduce my first vegan recipe, a vegan tofu and vegetable curry!! I first tried this recipe last year, just after coming back from a summer holiday in Mexico. My darling and I happily enjoyed tacos and other delicious Mexican dishes such as the carnitas over a few weeks. A decision was […]

Meatball gratin with courgettes & mozzarella
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Meatball gratin with courgettes & mozzarella

I am a huge fan of gratins for their variety of tastes and their simplicity to make. For summer I found a lighter way to replace the traditional recipe with béchamel sauce by a combination of vegetables, mozzarella and Meatball gratin which is clearly more enjoyable when the temperature outside is 100º F (35ºC). This gratin […]