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Easy vegan tofu and coconut curry
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Easy vegan tofu and vegetable curry

I am thrilled to introduce my first vegan recipe, a vegan tofu and vegetable curry!! I first tried this recipe last year, just after coming back from a summer holiday in Mexico. My darling and I happily enjoyed tacos and other delicious Mexican dishes such as the carnitas over a few weeks. A decision was […]

Lentil salad flavoured with fresh coriander & cardamom
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Lentil salad flavoured with fresh coriander & cardamom

This lentil salad is surprisingly fresh and spicy at the same time, thanks to the herbs and seasoning which blends perfectly with the mildest flavour of lentils. Cardamom seeds are commonly used in  Asian cuisine, especially in India where they come from, and they bring a lemony hint to the salad. This recipe comes from […]